About us

Abs X Tatts Co. was established in January 2018 in the heart of Rhode Island, U.S.

Abs X Tatts Co. was founded around the concept of hard work.  Wether we're putting hours in at the gym, or putting in hours with our favorite tattoo artist, we at Abs X Tatts Co. know that hard work is what makes it all possible.  

If your a beginner just starting off, or a professional with years under your belt, Abs X Tatts Co. believes that you should be comfortable inside and out of the gym!

Abs X Tatts Co. takes the fitness culture and the tattoo culture and molds them together. We provide you with ink inspired designs by local artists, that you can wear proud!

Abs X Tatts Co. started off in the fitness industry.  We are all about community and lifting each other up, spreading positive vibes, and passing on information to anyone and everyone in need.  We strive to create a community where everyone— from the beginner to the expert— feel right at home. We are here for each other, and we are ABS X TATTS!